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We are Legal Minded.

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of legal advice and representation to their business.  BrandLegal was formed with the goal of giving all entrepreneurs access to legal protection for their brand.  We provide your company with legal services that focuses on the branding of your company, your company’s products, protecting your company and products in local trade or prepare it for export. 

BrandLegal provides information and protection in the area of intellectual property, general business contracts, and export regulations by conducting audits, research, filings, contract negotiations, drafting and licensing services.

We are about helping others achieve success with their brand.

We are a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about succeeding and helping others achieve success. After years of working with SMEs and individuals we realized that in order for good business ideas to become successful businesses they need sustainable access to legal protection and advice.  BrandLegal Advantage was formed to meet this need.

Every brand has a destiny – a unique roadmap to success.  As a client of BrandLegal Advantage you will get access to resources and people that will assist your business navigate your road to success.

Build on Your Dreams. Protect Your Gains.

Get Protection. Achieve great things with your Brand.

BrandLegal Advantage clients get access to attorneys, up to date legal news, and research reports.  Access to attorneys in different countries and a variety of practice areas BrandLegal Advantage assists businesses succeed in international trade.

Every brand has a destiny – Protect it.

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