Following on its successful trade mission to Canada in 2015, the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) will be leading seven Jamaican exporters to participate in a trade mission and the JAMBANA One World Festival. The festival, which starts on July 31, 2016, attracts over 30,000 attendees, and will provide an opportunity for companies to increase their exports to Canada and attract new customers in the Diaspora.

The companies, which include Carita Jamaica Ltd, Creation Foods, King Pepper, Pepsi Cola Jamaica, Salada, Springvale, and Wisynco, will be participating in a week of activities to promote and sell their products in Canada. The delegation will have B2B meetings with buyers, and trade visits to key retail outlets and importers to better understand the Canadian market. JAMPRO will also be supporting the manufacturers by establishing relationships with buyers to deepen exporters’ access to the Canadian market.

JAMBANA’s representatives said they were pleased to host Jamaica at the festival, and looked forward to promoting Brand Jamaica to persons attending the trade village. Executive Producer of JAMBANA, Denise Jones said, “Jones & Jones is delighted to welcome JAMPRO on board as host of our JAMBANA™ One World Festival Travel and Trade Village, which will be populated by 7 Jamaican brands. JAMBANA™ Festival is an excellent opportunity to showcase Jamaica’s products and services to the thousands of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica at Markham Fair Grounds. At JAMBANA, businesses can directly touch and engage with the Diaspora. Together with JAMPRO we continue to positively reinforce the Jamaica brand, both here and abroad, and look forward to a successful event experience this year.”

President of JAMPRO Diane Edwards noted that even though Canada is one of the largest food importers, only a small fraction of this was from Jamaica. “There is always room for improvement,” Edwards said, “We definitely see with the success of last year’s mission that the demand for Jamaican products in Canada is very strong, not only in the Diaspora community, but due to changing food trends favouring Caribbean food.”

Ms. Edwards said that JAMPRO had been working through its Canada Market Development Strategy to assist manufacturers with exporting to the country. She explained, “It is really a two part strategy, first, we must prepare the exporters to ensure that we have sustainable exports to Canada. We’ve done market visits and seminars discussing food safety and labeling regulations to assist exporters with understanding what needs to be done if you want to export to that country.

Now, we are working to find and execute opportunities that will allow Jamaican companies to sell their products and get more of Brand Jamaica onto Canadian supermarket shelves. The market is ready and the potential is there, JAMPRO will be working diligently with our exporters to build on the progress and increase penetration of the Canadian market.”

For more information on the JAMBANA One World Festival, visit JAMPRO is an Agency of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

Source: JAMPRO
Published Date: Friday, July 29, 2016